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Overview of the Local Income Tax


The Income Tax Department is responsible for administering the City of Springfield Income Tax Ordinance. Employees of the department are available to provide assistance to taxpayers with the filing of returns and to answer any questions.


The local Income Tax applies to all residents living in the City of Springfield. Also to non-residents working in Springfield and businesses located or performing services within the city limits. The income tax rate for residents and businesses is 1%. For non-residents the tax rate is 0.5%. Residents are allowed a credit for income tax paid to another city, i.e. the City of Battle Creek. The personal exemption amount is $750. Employers doing business in Springfield are required to withhold the local tax and remit to the city on a monthly or quarterly basis. Additional information regarding the City of Springfield Income Tax Ordinance can be found by clicking here

To verify whether you live in Springfield, please review the Springfield Street List.

Filing your Taxes . . . made easy in Springfield!


For the convenience of our taxpayers, listed below are Springfield Income Tax Forms and Instruction Booklets.  To access and fill out these forms, click the corresponding link.  All of the forms are in a pdf format, and many of them are formatted to be fillable and then printed. Once your information is filled in and you print the document, clear the form before you leave. Forms can be downloaded and saved for later use by using the "save as" option in Adobe.

Contact Us


We are here to help! Click on the links below to email someone in the Income Tax Department or call us at the number shown below.


E-mail Jeannine Turner,  Finance Director/Income Tax Administrator


E-mail the Income Tax Auditor


E-mail questions regarding accounts in Collections or Pending Legal Action


Office Hours: (closed on Friday) 

7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday & Wednesday

7:00 am to 6:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday


Drop box located in front of City Hall main entrance.


Phone: (269) 965-8324    Fax: (269) 965-8211

 First Time Filing in Springfield? 
Sorry, first time filers with Springfield cannot e-file,  an electronic ID number can be issued once an initial return has been filed. Please call: (269) 965-8324 if you have questions. 

E-filing Your Return

E-file is free! Click the E-file button below to begin. If you filed a Springfield tax return last year, your Web ID number for e-filing is on the front of the postcard mailed to you. (If you need an E-file Web ID number please call us).

If you use a paid preparer, ask about e-filing your Springfield return. (E-file Web ID not needed)

Forms and booklets are also available at: Willard Library, City of Battle Creek Income Tax Office, or we can mail to you.


Corporations and Partnerships: Sorry! E-filing not available at this time.


Deadline for filing your city return is April 30th!

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