Springfield Department of Public Safety

Scott Furgason, DPS Director

601 Avenue A

Springfield, MI 49017

Ph: 269-965-7795

Fx: 269-969-2566


Emergencies: Dial 911

Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch Authority


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The Public Safety Department is a unified Police and Fire Department, where all officers are cross-trained as both police officers and firefighters.  The Department is staffed by the Public Safety Director and 15 Public Safety Officers.

Dispatching is handled through the Area Metropolitan Services Agency (AMSA) Central Dispatch System.


A number of dedicated Divisions of the Springfield Public Safety Department exist to make Springfield a safe place to live.  They include:


Emergency Response Team

The city has dedicated officers that respond with the Battle Creek Emergency Response Team.  They are responsible for raid entry, hostage situations, barricaded gunmen, and other high-risk situations.  To the right, Springfield Public Safety Officers are shown responding to reports of a possible barricaded gunman in the City of Battle Creek.  The photos were provided by Trace Christenson of the Battle Creek Enquirer.


Crime Prevention Unit

The Crime Prevention Unit specializes in narcotics trafficking and other special details.  The team recently conducted a raid that resulted in the recovery of close to 10 pounds of marijuana and several thousand dollars in asset seizure.


Accident Investigation

One officer is assigned to accident investigation.  The officer is trained in special skills needed to determine causes and contributing factors to serious traffic accidents.


Code Compliance

One officer is assigned to code compliance which deals with property maintenance, business licensing, and 

tax evasion.


Computer Forensics

One officer is assigned to computer forensics.  This officer is trained to use software to examine computers seized in criminal matters and recover deleted material to be used for prosecution in Child Pornography, Narcotics, and Fraud as well as other criminal matters.


K-9 Division

One officer is assigned to K-9 duties.  This officer is trained in search techniques using a specially trained dog.  This Unit specializes in searches for narcotics, lost or discarded items, lost elderly or children, and fleeing or hiding suspects.


Lab Expert

One officer is assigned to the testing of narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs.  This officer also tests narcotics for outside agencies such as the Battle Creek Police Department, the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety, the Michigan State Police, and the Calhoun County Sheriff Department. 


Springfield Fire and Rescue

All Springfield Public safety Officers are trained firefighters.  The City has state-of-the-art equipment and training for use in fighting fires, responding to automobile accidents, and responding to any event where peoples’ lives or security may be in danger.  The pictures below are of our fire truck fleet and of our officers conducting a training exercise at the Air National Guard Base in Springfield.

Springfield Public Safety Fire Vehicles (top and bottom left). Springfield Public Safety Officer training session (right)