Property Taxes

Summer Taxes

Summer taxes are payable July 1st thru August 31st without penalty. Beginning September 1st a 1% late penalty will be added on the 1st of each month to the unpaid balance up to a 4% maximum. (Penalty not calculated on admin fee)

 Winter Taxes

Winter Taxes are payable December 1st thru February 14th without penalty. On February 15th a 3% late penalty will be added to the unpaid balance. (Penalty is not calculated on admin fee)

 Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are available at City Hall December 1st thru February 28th please bring rabies and sterilization papers.
See the fee schedule for Calhoun County 1 year and 3 year licenses.

 Summer Deferment

Information and applications for deferment of summer taxes may be obtained in the Finance office or in documents and forms. Residents are eligible to defer their summer tax due date if:

        Total income for the previous tax year was under $40,000 and:

                    62 years old or older or the unmarried surviving spouse of a person 62 years old
                    or older at the time of death

                    Paraplegic, Hemiplegic or Quadriplegic

                    Blind or permanently disabled

                    An eligible service person, veteran, widow or widower

For more information see the state of Michigan’s frequently asked questions.

Paying Delinquent Taxes

Real Property taxes

Beginning March 1st Real property taxes can no longer be paid at City Hall. Payments must be made to the Calhoun County Treasurer.

The County treasurer will add a 4% collection fee plus interest at 1% per month. If not paid according to law the property upon which such taxes are levied will be sold at tax sale. Visit the county treasurer’s website for more information.

Personal Property Taxes

Delinquent personal property taxes should be paid to the City of Springfield