City Council

Council Function and Responsibilities

The Springfield City Council is composed of a Mayor and six Councilpersons; all elected at-large. The Council is the governing body of Springfield, and is responsible to the people of the City for the conduct of the governmental functions, business affairs, and services of the City.

Council Terms and Eligibility

The Mayor and each Council Member serve for a term of four years.  Citizens elect three Council Members at each regular city election; the Mayor is elected at regular City elections held in odd-numbered years. 

Current Council Members

Harry Burdett, Mayor________________________________________________Term Expires:  Nov, 2019

Larry Eib_________________________________________________________Term Expires:  Nov, 2019

Tom Riley________________________________________________________Term Expires:  Nov, 2017

John Navarro_____________________________________________________Term Expires:  Nov, 2019

Art Hollingsworth__________________________________________________Term Expires:  Nov, 2017

Linda Hoover_____________________________________________________Term Expires:  Nov, 2019

Maxine Morgan ___________________________________________________ Term Expires: Nov, 2017
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