City Manager

Nathan Henne
City Manager Bio

Nate Henne began his tenure as Springfield City Manager on December 2, 2013.

Nate's experience in city management began when he was awarded a graduate school fellowship from Central Michigan University in 2012.  He served his fellowship with the City of Mason in Ingham County.  After his fellowship, Nate was hired as Town Manager in Lake City, Colorado.  He came home to Michigan when Springfield hired him to replace the outgoing City Manager.  His overall goals for Springfield involve establishing an image for Springfield, addressing blighted and vacant properties, improving economic and housing markets, continuing the City's history of sound financial management, and maintaining excellent customer service.

Nate attended Michigan State University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in Public Policy and Administration.  He earned his Master's Degree in Public Administration from CMU, focusing on utility infrastructure.  Throughout his career, Nate has been highly involved in professional associations.  He is a member of the Michigan Municipal League and the International City Manager's Association; serving on committees in both organizations geared toward education and the next generation of public administrators.

Nate lives in Emmett Township.  In his free time he likes to ride his motorcycle, hunt, and spend time with his family in northern Michigan

The City Manager is appointed by, and reports directly to, the Springfield City Council. He is responsible for daily administration of all city operations and the implementation of the policies and goals established by the Springfield City Council.

City Manager provides day-to-day leadership to the following department heads:

City Clerk
City Assessor
Finance Director
Public Safety Director
Public Works Director

Additional general areas of responsibility include budget preparation, facilitation of community and economic development initiatives, development and administration of employment policies, evaluation of department heads, and oversight of personnel issues (i.e. employee development and contract relations and negotiations).

It is the duty of the City Manager to keep the City Council accurately informed of City issues, and to research and prepare agenda items for the City Council meetings. The City Manager attends all meetings of the City Council, Planning Commission, and Economic Development Corporation/Tax Increment Finance Authority/Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board.

The City Manager acts as the community relations liaison for the city; interacting with the City’s residential and business communities to exchange information regarding their needs, the City's needs, and available resources to meet those needs. The City Manager also works in consortium with other municipalities and agencies to develop and administer mutually-beneficial policies and programs.

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