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Income Tax

You may be required to pay quarterly estimated tax payments for 2022.
Estimated tax payments may be required if you anticipate having a Springfield Income Tax balance due for 2022 of $100 or more. Failure to make these payments when required may result in additional penalty and interest being assessed. Additional information including instructions and payment vouchers can be found on the documents and forms page of our website under the section titled “Income Tax (Estimates & Miscellaneous Forms). Payments may also be paid online by clicking the button on the left that says “Make Income Tax Payments” and selecting “Estimated Tax Payment” in the drop down menu.

Due Dates for 2022 Quarterly Estimate payments:
1st Quarter: April 30th, 2022
2nd Quarter: June 30th, 2022
3rd Quarter: September 30th, 2022
4th Quarter: January 31st, 2023

Office Hours:
Monday thru Thursday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Closed on Fridays
Phone: (269)965-8324
Fax (269)965-8211

Overview of the Local Income Tax

The Income Tax Department is responsible for administering the City of Springfield Income Tax Ordinance. Employees of the department are available to provide assistance to taxpayers with the filing of returns and to answer any questions.

The local Income Tax applies to all residents living in the City of Springfield. Non-residents working in Springfield and businesses located or performing services within the city limits are also required to pay Income Taxes. The income tax rate for residents and businesses is 1%. For non-residents the tax rate is 0.5%. Residents working in another taxing city are allowed a credit for income tax paid to that city, i.e. the City of Battle Creek. The personal exemption amount is $750. Employers doing business in Springfield are required to withhold the local tax and remit to the city on a monthly or quarterly basis. Additional information regarding the City of Springfield Income Tax Ordinance can be found by clicking the button to the left.

E-filing Your Return

Full-year residents can file online if they meet certain conditions. Your income must be derived from wages, interest, dividends, and/or self employment, with NONE of your income being excludable from the Springfield income tax return. File your Springfield return. Unfortunately non-resident and part-year resident returns cannot be prepared using this site at this time. These returns must be prepared using our tax form or independent tax software and will need to be submitted along with the necessary documents and attachments. Once completed, a physical copy can be submitted to the Income Tax department or you can upload an electronic copy of your return and supporting documents.