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Planning and Zoning Administrator

Vester Davis, Jr.
Phone: (269) 441-9271

City Manager Vester Davis, Jr. also serves as Springfield's Planning and Zoning Administrator.

Springfield Zoning Map
The Springfield City Council officially adopted its new zoning map at the recommendation of the Planning Commission on July 20, 2020. The new zoning map became effective August 6, 2020.

Physical copies of the map are provided at City Hall at $2.00 for a black and white copy and $5.00 for a color copy.

Springfield Zoning Ordinance

Welcome to our reorganized and reformatted City of Springfield Zoning Ordinance. The new version provides a more user-friendly code that is easy to read, better organized, and hyperlinked to state codes and regulations. The digital document contains searchable words and phrases and vivid diagrams that clarify as well as illustrate the Zoning Code. This innovative format designed by Clearzoning provides the user with a dynamic format for a concise and clear explanation of the Zoning Code.

Springfield Master Plan

The Springfield Planning Commission and City Council have worked tirelessly for the past 10-months creating a new vision for the growth, needs, land-use patterns, and its overall image for the next 20 years.

Site Plan Review Application

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For commercial properties, if any improvements are to be completed, additions made to current buildings, parking lots added,  new buildings constructed, or remodels of current buildings, a site plan review must be conducted by the Zoning Administrator and recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. 

Site plans are meant to show how the property will be altered and it gives the City the opportunity to make sure any changes are within the requirements of the Springfield Zoning Code.

The cost for a Site Plan Review is $125.00

Height, Setback, and Bulk Requirements by Zoning District

Applicants for site plan reviews and variance requests, please refer to the Height Setback and Bulk Requirements in order to accurately fill out the applications.  If you need to find the zoning designation for your parcel, refer to the zoning map below or access the assessor's database here:  Springfield Assessing Database

Zoning Variance Request

Variances are requested for property owners who wish to construct a building not permitted in the parcel's zoning designation, or if a property owner wishes to use the land in a way not permitted by the zoning code for the parcel's zoning designation.  This does not include the operation of home based businesses; which are covered under their own ordinance.  The cost for a variance request is $175 for residential properties and $225 for commercial properties.

Land Division Application

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Land Divisions are requested when a property owner wishes to divide their property.  The resulting parcels must be large enough according to the size requirements of their respective zoning designation (See "Bulk, Setback, and Height Requirements" above). The cost is $125 plus $50 per additional split after the first split. Likewise for combinations.

Rezoning Application

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An application to rezone a property is used when a property owner wishes to change the use of the property.  An example would be a business wishing to expand that purchases adjacent property that is zoned residential.  If the business owner wishes to expand his business by building into this new property, they must apply to have the property rezoned.  The cost for a rezoning application is $500.00

Special Land Use Permit

 A special land use is one that may be appropriate in certain locations of the City, but requires additional review and oversight to ensure there would be no adverse effects to the property or the surrounding neighborhood. These uses are regulated within the Zoning Ordinance and only those uses listed in the Ordinance are subject to a permit.

The application fee is $250.00 (non-refundable).