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Springfields Vision and Purpose Statement

The City of Springfield exists to provide small town responsiveness and large city quality services to the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Springfield. To that end we hereby announce our intention to provide those services and community oriented problem solving through the maintenance of our own governing autonomy while working cooperatively with our neighboring governments.  We recognize that the people we serve are not interruptions to our daily work but are the reason for our existence.

Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, the city council has identified key goals to guide our city's development and enhance the quality of life for our residents. One major objective is to create a Sense of Place and Belonging by fostering a community atmosphere that values inclusivity and connection. Additionally, we aim to transform Collector Streets into Destination Corridors, enhancing city planning to create vibrant and engaging spaces that draw residents and visitors alike. To ensure economic resilience and self-sufficiency, we are committed to partnering with local businesses and organizations. Strengthening Neighborhoods is another priority, focusing on initiatives that promote safety, social cohesion, and community pride. Together, these goals reflect our dedication to building a thriving and cohesive city for everyone to enjoy.